February 13, 2010

K Leo

About K Leo by K Leo :

"I believe in beauty. I trust Art. I seek implausible things. We live in a freakishly marvelous world. I am perpetually amazed at the places, faces and precarious situations that surround us all. Mirth and beauty throughout. I want that. Nothing is more impressive to me than people. It is my subject of choice. The goal is always the creation of Art... If possible big Art. Important Art whenever we can manage it."

You'll find him at His Space, Model Mayhem, Flickr, Union Street Gallery.

From the Series "The Belmont Burlesque Revue"

"Ms Pixy"


"Naughty Natyana"

"Titi Touche"

"Titi Touche 2"

"Your Belmont Bombshells"

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