March 10, 2014

Thomas van de Sheck joins us

Thomas van de Scheck is born in 1965 in Cairo, Egypt.

Litograph, sound engineer then freelancing editor. In 1994 it was the first time he assists a fashion photographer, Lars Matzen in Hamburg. Came a little music. He was professional musician, composer and producer of the Techno-Project "B-Dominus". And return to the fashion world : freelancing editor for the magazines "Marie Claire", freelancing copywriter for an advertising agency. And finally, since 1997, he's art-painter and creates "Carbon-Art". Gallery-head of the "Kunstverein Fulda e.V.", he funds "carbon-ART-zeche", an atelier for Art & Photography and becomes in 2002, freelancing photo-designer. Ouf. What a man !

Fetish, pin-up, gothic, with common inspirations with Markus J Ranum, Thomas van de Sheck is the kind of guy I dreamt to discover, deeply. He belongs his universe, playing with the rules. I'm always smiling when I watch his photos, the "second degré" that I love.

Very coloured, well composed, many times models on deep white, all the ingredients are there to make me happy.

You see it, I love his works.

Two books about him :

Cuts to find here
Help to find here

Thanks Thomas to tell me a so big yes !

"Maybe tomorrow"

"Happy Birthday to me"

"Joy ride"

"Cleaning Day"

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