February 28, 2014

Welcome Olegito

Olegito at his official site (to open soon), deviantART,



He's so talented !... 7 years I follow his work in silence, 7 years I tell myself : "Wow ! He's so good ! ".

I see him everywhere (you can't miss him if you love Fine Art !), always admirative, always surprised by the richness of his creativity and his so particular way to shoot amazing out of fashion portraits.

I sent him a message, he told me yes, and here he is. My dream comes true.

From Tbilisi, Georgia, the favourite styles of Olegito are Fashion and Art Photography.

My only regret is that Olegito is a very secret artist. I've searched everywhere to find something to tell you about his work, his life, his obvious passion, but forget it, Olegito is a worlwide renowned photographer and that's it.

But is it really necessary to know more about him when his work tells us so many things about his vision and his sensitivity ?... No. So let's enjoy his wonderful talent... in silence.





Olegito ©

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