April 5, 2008

Visions féminines

Victoria Sims -
"If Your Kisses Can't Hold..."

Barbara Cole
"Without Pretense"

Maria Candler



Katja Faith
"To Love"

Darren Holmes
"L'amante sans amour"

"The Secret Garden, Disbelief"

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D.L. Wood said...

Hello Chris.
Wow. I just found out you are back and posting again. I am so glad that you are feeling well enough to do so.

I have went back through the back posts and I am caught up. I had missed some great images and photographers. I really enjoyed the interview with John Peri. The series of Jose Manchado with the model Suse Kew. And Saturdays Image by Antonia I think is outstanding. Just to name a few.

I never commented for a long time, just visited, but felt that you always gave us different and visually stimulating images and interviews to peruse than any other photography blog. And now the tradition continues.

Thank You.

D.L. Wood