April 3, 2008

The books of Howard Nowlan

I love that !!!

Yes. Howard has sent me a mail and he's right !

My dear artists,this blog is above all made to promote your artworks, but how can I know what you're publishing, exhibiting, making ?, if you don't tell me ?... Mmmmh ?...
So thanks Howard, and all my congratulations (I know how publishing is difficult...) !!! Here you are ! Welcome !

"Dear Fine Art Photographers, Bloggers and Models, This is just to inform you of a new set of photographic art books now available via Lulu.com.

The books contain a selection of some of my fashion and figure work over the last two years with three local models. Each book includes around 30 full page images in black and white and colour, and marks my first venture into this field.

The intention is that any profits made from the sales of these publications will assist in financing further projects for our Photo Arts Group.

The books retail for under £11 each (around $22, excluding p&p), and purchased directly from Lulu.Com here :

Thank you for your interest and assistance (- please feel free to forward any comments or questions).

With regards, Howard Nowlan"

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Howard Nowlan said...

Many thanks, Chris, for providing this link to my e-books.
You may also be interested to know that a brand new site of my work has just opened here:


With kind regards,