October 4, 2012

Christian Pélier' self interview

Surprised ? Me too... But many of you seem to want to know more about me, my passion for art (and love...), who I really am. Ordinary, I'm too shy to talk about me but I think it can be the best way to thank all the wonderful artists who tell me yes for an interview. So...

How did your writer's passion begin ?

Maybe in my mother's belly ?... Or even before ?... Anyway, since my early childhood, I love the words. I can't remember me without a book.
About 8 years old, I wrote my first novel, a science-fiction one. Then until 18, I used to write several poems per day, coached by my teachers who loved my passion.

I always wanted to study litterature but my father was against : I had to be a business-man. What I became until 40 where I decided to quit and to write, and write, until my death, selling all my companies (I was Event and Travel Planner in France and USA), finally ready and mad enough to live the poor and foolish life of so numerous artists (just see "Christian" of "Moulin Rouge", I'm the same !), choosing the "bohème" life instead of a reasonable one I didn't want anymore.

Did you learn writing in a special school ?

No. I was always the best at school, in french and philosophy. I wanted, but I made a business school, thanks to my father (...).

By Nathalie
My little "atelier" at Marseille, France

Who are your greatest inspirators ?

You can't become a good writer without reading. It's impossible. And I read so many books I can't remember. Among the authors who touch me, there are John Irving, for his beautiful landscapes, Antoine de Saint Exupéry, I love him, Daniel Pennac, a french one with a strong humour, Castaneda, Carl Gustav Jung (my Master), Nietzsche, Gaardner, and so many other who helped me to structure my thoughts...

by Nathalie

Me inside my "atelier"

How long could you be far from your notebook ?

One second ?... I have always a pen and a notebook on me. Big, small, with carrels or not, I have always a piece of paper to write my immediate feelings about what I see, and how I see it. Real life is so inspiring... I watch people, what they say, how they move, what they make, and I note some words for a future text. I couldn't live without my words... And it's not an image.

Do you feel particularly inspired by a type of situation ?

No. Everything deserve some words. Everywhere I go, I find something to write. What I love, it's to sit somewhere until my pen writes alone, until my ego falls silent and let my soul writing. My favorite movie is "Moulin Rouge", I cry all my tears watching a love story, or feeling people sad... I'm so emotive.

Marseille Photo
"Vallon des Auffes", Marseille, France

Marseille Photo
"Ruelle Cours Julien"

How long dit it take to find your own style ? Could you define it ?

I'm writing seriously since 8 years, meanwhile teaching business in high schools, writing from one to... so many pages per day.

I'm so eclectic that I can't really tell you a word about my style. From philosophical essays to fairy tales, novels, my range of writing is really wide but always about love and human being. I love Humanity.

Hearing my readers, I seem to be a pretty good dialogist (I love "Ally Mc Beal")... And everybody seem to appreciate my fairy tales... the most difficult exercise for me, suffering since three years of a multiple sclerosis... It's so hard to write about love and hapiness when the future looks like a wheeling-chair. But that's life, and as a philosopher, I'm sure there is a reason why. I just have to find it.

What is your process of creation ?

Definitively chaotic. In fact, I can't stay longer with one of my characters. I need change. So, I have many texts en construction in the same time. It's heavy to live, but I can't make nothing else. The ideas come and I write them. It took me at least 4 years to understand, and accept, my way of working.

Marseille Photo
"Samena love"

What is your favorite theme ?

Love !!! Everybody need love, every human being on this earth is looking for giving and receiving love. We all are on this earth by love and for love. We are born with, and we die without. I love writing about our humanity, all our paradoxes, this devil and this god inside each of us.

How do you feel at the end of a text ?

Tired. Often sad, and always too critical about myself. I write in the pain, hearing a voice telling me : "you can make better, go on, read again, write again, look for the perfect word, you can make better !" It's a mess...

Marseille Photo
"Vue du Petit Nice", Marseille, France

Do you make many corrections ?

Until I understood that spontaneity is the best way to touch the hearts, yes, I was the worst critic. I corrected so much my last book that I'm sure I could never publish it... Searching for the perfection, I lost the truth... More than 1000 pages in the trash.

But today, my words come faster, and better. Now, I read my first attempt and I try to limit my corrections, counting on the magic of this famous "alla prima" all artists are praying for.

Have you a special project, some challenges you're dreaming about in a next future ?

???... I had... I wanted... I dreamt... About glory... But, now I prefer to let the hazard make his choices for me. You know, our world is so hard with the artists... And we are so many to write.

Have you published a book ?

I published a book in Canada (Editions l'Archange), now certainly full of dust on a lost shelf of the Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec. It's fun to think that I'm a canadian writer instead of a french one. I self-published it at Lulu.
I'm still dreaming to be published in France, but the book editors are so concerned by money that I'm often thinking it will just stay a dream...

Is there a new one to come ?

Many !!! First, I want to find illustrators for my fairy tales who have a real success on my official site. Then, I want to end my roman "Le Pont"... Then... Who knows ?

A message to send ?

 We all can change the world, it's just a question of love. And the key is : "Love yourself, the strongest you can. Be your best friend, believe in you. And you'll love and be loved in return". Life is so simple and could be so beautiful...

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