October 6, 2012

Roksana Mical's Interview

Roksana, how did your passion begin ? Are you learning your art in a special school ?

I was born in 88 in industrial Nowa Huta in Poland. I spent my childhood like a normal kid and went to school. But I had many problems because of my character and my statements.
I passed my matura exams and decided to go to the academy of art, but I failed my practical exams. Now, I'm making a course of "technic of advertisement" and training for academy.

"Still waiting"

Maybe you failed but your talent is true, and intact. And what are your preferences, indoor, outdoor, natural lights, color ?

 I have no preferences until there, but usually I have to shoot outdoors because of my camera...


Some words about your models ?

They're usually my friends.

Chaos or order when you create ?

 Chaos. Everything in my life is chaotic.

I feel the same. How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

 It depends. Sometimes, when a session was good, I feel fulfilled. But often I feel undone.

Have you a special project you're dreaming on ?

I have many ideas, a lot of projects. I hope, there will be a time when I'll win money to realize it.

What about your next exhibition ?

Actually, I have some exhibitions of my paintings. And I'm waiting to make some new and good photos to schedule an event around...

"Joanna ma"



And you're painter too ?!... I'm not really surprised. Have you succeeded to publish a book ?

I'm too young to publish any book... You know, in Poland, it's very difficult to put forth.

What's for your next future ?

This year, I'll try to get to the Cracow's Academy of Art and get a job like a graphic designer.

A message to send ?

Don't be afraid to realize your dreams.

You're right ! Never keep fighting for them ! Thank you so much Roksana for all your words.


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