November 10, 2015

David Charles and Art Model Muse

Member of UdA since 2007

"What dreams are made of..."

"La Chocolat"

David Charles, fine art photographer and sculptor internationally published, is the first one I see so inspired by one and only model, a great of course : Muse, who inspires him such wonderful pictures.

Despite his prolific work and publications everywhere, I don't find many informations about him for this first feature. We'll have to wait for the interview to know more about this gifted photographer.

"Out of the Ashes"

Currently putting together a solo European gallery tour featuring the art nude model Muse whom I've been working with exclusively - for the past 2 years (out of choice obviously !)

I will soon begin booking models for my next art nude book project ("Return of the Goddess") which will commence this Jan 08.

"Still Waters Run Deep"

"Life and Death"

Of course, it's impossible to introduce David Charles without some words about his wonderful muse (what a lucky man, I'm still searching for mine !) :

" Muse : this model is useless. Facially she rather resembles a dogs bottom, not forgetting the evil red eye in the middle of her forehead. Plus there is the fact she's always late and is covered in angry boils.

Yes, OK, I'm lying : I just want her all to myself ! There is only one word to describe this model and that word is : Muse. "

"Lazy Summer Mornings"

My name is Muse, I am a nude model with a difference ; I consider myself a creative catalyst for my own imagination - not just the 'photographers model', but an artist in my own right.

My body and face are the tools that breath life into my visions ; the photographer is the eye through which my imagination is revealed to the world.

"I dream of you"

My interest in modelling stems from acting as I feel the two merge together seamlessly.

'Photography as art' is what I'm passionate about. My heart predominantly lies with art nude, I adore this type of work ; the freedom of movement it gives, the simple natural beauty, the wonderful curves of the body reflecting light and shadow.

The human body is awe inspiring and I believe the figure of woman in every shape and size is Mother Nature's ultimate masterpiece. To hide it is an insult to the creation of beauty. I am purely driven by the art and the creativity of modelling.

"Nature's Canvas"

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