November 6, 2015

Welcome Mopas

"Carol 2 14"

seemed surprised by my strong desire to interview him... Like me when someone tells me how much he/she loves one of my text. This modesty honours him. Because Mopas, from Warsaw, Poland, is a really creative photographer and a very nice guy who promotes in his journal all his friends and lovely models, in kind and happy words.

I've been in a big trouble when choosing the pictures to illustrate his first feature, there are so many wonderful shots in his portfolio.

In BW or colors, you'll be as amazed than me by their quality : his strong compositions, the elegant poses, his perfect master of studio and natural lights, his so expressive models, make his work tremendous and deeply emotional. Everything to keep me impatient to write his interview in order to show you more.

"Agnieszka 3180"
Art Model Agnieszka

"Agnieszka 0500"
Art Model Agnieszka

"Zula 2429"

A point of view I'm sharing, when it's no more art but unsane pictures made by sick and false "photographers" :

" I'm on vacations. Somewhere in the forests of central Poland. Just on the bank of a beautiful, wild and clear river, called Wkra.

The weather is perfect, the birds are singing and the butterflies are flying around me. I can't be closer to Paradise. I have a lot of nature pictures done, mostly insects and so on (as you can see in my gallery).

I was thinking a lot about the photography and the way the photographer sees and shows the world. Photography is an art - an art of shapes and colors but also emotions, moods and feelings.

It can be - and it is often - a perfect tool of documentation too. And it can easily manipulate our minds into areas that we wouldn't like to visit.

"Aga 937"
Art Model Aga

I'm shocked by the amount of fetish, macabre, horror and such pictures in the photo forums all over the world (and I don't mention porn).

Even if I did a session that could be called fetish or bondage, I don't like it. I think we did a good job (from a technical point of view) but I don't like the mood of this pictures. It's a promotion of pain and tortures, and the evil (if exists) is certainly happy when seeing it. When you are two weeks in the pure nature where everything goes so easily and peacefully, you'ld notice it too.

OK, so holidays are nearly over. Three more days and I'm back to the mill. Warsaw, traffics, office, customers, the fight for the existence. Real life again.

"Caroline 2 8"

"... Caroline again. I think these two women, both Carolines - the one that I called Carol and this one - changed my way of thinking about artistic nude photography. Both are extremly beautiful in body and in mind, both are wonderful, experimented models, very feminine and brave at the same time. I hope you'll like these pictures as much as I do."

"Aga 1 6"
Art Model Aga

"High heels"

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