April 8, 2014

Welcome Dollybeck

Dollybeck is a renowned and admired art model from Canberra, Australia, shooted by the greatest such as Gerhardt Thompson, Beau eRomantica, and Gavin Bell, Darren Phillips, Doug Faircloth, all contributing in this site with kindness and passion. So you already know her... and how inspiring she is.

"A cool breeze"
by Darren Phillips

"A stunning and professional model. Even in adverse conditions Dollybeck was up to the challenge. Thank you for all your fine efforts, would love to catch up again soon." - Darren Phillips (Photographer)

" Donna's enthusiasm and professionalism makes her a joy to work with ! Highly recommend Dollybeck to any photographer thinking of booking her !" - Gavin Bell

Her bio :

" I am an experienced model & have extensive knowledge of most aspects of modelling. I modelled for 15 years in the UK and have continued for another 3 years since moving to Australia.

I have experience in catwalk, fashion, artistic nude, fetish, hair, promotional work, acting, and photographic modelling. I have worked with lots of agencies, photographers & artists for exhibitions, magazines, books, hair shows, advertising, television and websites.

I have been published in several UK fashion and hair magazines, with a number of front covers. In Australia I featured in 'Fashion Nudes', Black & White magazine, L'Oreal Hair magazine and front cover of Kink-E magazine. I was lucky enough to be part of the Canberra hair show, where I won 1st place with Anton's hair salon the stylist. Television commercials that I have appeared in are ActewAGL, Quality Hotels, Canberra Labour Club and corporate videos.

I work at a Canberra modelling agency and teach all aspects of modelling to potential models – catwalk, commercial acting, photography, grooming, deportment and etiquette. I am reliable and professional in my work at all times.

My aim is always to perform to the best of my abilities and I hope to continue shooting and creating great work.

"North east"
by Beau eRomantica

"Sun and spray"
by Gerhardt Thompson

A big thank you to the photographers that I have worked with :

Paul Wesley, Matt Briggs, Steve Bell Pics, Doug Faircloth, John de Lombardo, Sleek Images, Christyna Hessova, Pat Solomon, Stefan Postles, 1 Dream photography, David Beaver, Allen A, Scott James Prebble, Cate McDonald, Bearcage Productions, Jon Lee, Ellen Duffy, D-eye, Michael Smith, Robin Wallace-Crabbe, Nyk Sykes, Laurie Kippel, Chris Harding, Ben Tydeers, Nik Studios, Gavin Bell, Darren Phillips, Richard Wood, Derek Rogers, Dalai-Harma, Stephen Trutwin, Srdjan Nikolic, Wayne Quilliam, Koukei, John Kantek, Phil Chaplin, Stanb, Robert Coppa, Gerhardt Thompson, Wayne Bradford, Vinzenz Sedlak, Mark Wilson, Peterlan, Mark Scholey, Daniel Allen, David Taylor, Frozen Instant Imagery, Esh Photography, L'Oreal, Malcolm Smith, Aref Jaroudy, eRomantica, Pharyn photography, Victoria's Models."

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