April 20, 2009

Peter Lime

You'll find Peter Lime at Model Mayhem, and his large gallery at deviantART.

"What I found"
Art Model Almost-Moon

"Annie elle-même"
Art Model Annie

Peter Lime is a passionate "nude photographer" from Lisboa, Portugal.

I've discovered his work a short time ago, but no need to watch him during years to see his talent.

Outdoors aficionado, in BW or color, Peter Lime's photographs are by turns romantic or wild, full of grace or powerfully erotic, and always full of life and contrasts.

"So good... II"
Art Model Almost-Moon

" Photography is an old passion, but always as an hobby.

I have several interests in this art, but my first pleasure is to shoot beautiful models, specially outdoors because we have in Portugal a lot of beautiful sites to shoot all year round !"

"The Thinker I intense"
Art Model Annie

"Enjoying the sun II"
Art Model Almost-Moon

After what I believe to be a long period of reflection, Peter Lime has decided to share his work, for these simple reasons :
" For the first time in my life, I'm going to show my work to a larger audience. Before that, I only had a small experience in a site where I posted a few photos.
With this step, a large step for my short legs, my idea is to get some self confidence, and of course some inspiration."

Today, Peter Lime has more than 300 pictures in his portfolio...

Bravo Peter ! For your passion, your modesty and your kindness.

Art Model Almost-Moon

"Round windows I"
Art Model Annie

Art Model Almost-Moon

And one of his favorite :

Art Model Susana

Peter Lime ©

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Dear friend, I followed your steps.