April 30, 2014

Welcome Scott Brown

You'll find Scott Brown at deviantART, a feature in The New Nude Mag.

"Feelin It"
Art Model Joceline

"Walk Away"
Art Model Joceline

Scott Brown
is an Australian self-taught photographer, which means a tough apprenticeship, a clear preference for outdoor shoots, shared by a large majority of Australian photographers... and, of course, a deep and obsessive passion to become the experienced and successful photographer he is now.

His main focus is artistic nude photography, but Scott works in a wide range of styles. Portrait, art, casual, fashion, swimwear, glamour, nude, nude art, all is fine for him, the essential being to shoot and shoot again, to gain more experience.

"Classic Kollaboration"
Art Model Dravien

It's what we love at UdA : artists who know they learn every day, even from their errors, which often are happy hazards, obsessional artists who don't take them too seriously but who believe in what they do. Scott makes part of them.
And it's a pleasure to welcome him on board. A great one !

"The Light"
Art Model Halohid

Art Model Serpentinekiss

" If you have gotten this far you probably realise that my name is Scott Brown. I am based in Sydney, Australia, which is full of fantastic locations for photoshoots.

I have been taking photographs for years now as a hobby which in the past few years has turned to an obsession.

Art Model Anne

My focus was generally on nature and landscape. Having had no formal art or photography training I have found myself learning from trial and error - well some trial but mostly error ! That has meant many rolls of film, and in more recent years, somewhere in the vicinity of 40,000 digital photographs.

I did my first model photoshoot about 4 to 5 years ago and I haven't looked back since.

I have always loved art and I finally found something that I am at least not totally hopeless at. My first nude photoshoot was in January 2005 and now I have done several.

Art Model Joceline

Generally I prefer to do outdoor shoots over indoor/studio work and I love mixing human form in with nature.

I also find that outdoors is more relaxing, fun and adventurous. It gets my mind working more creatively."

Art Model Halohid

They have worked with Scott... Let's hear them :

"Cave Girl"
Art Model and Illustrator Moonpanther

"Scott Brown is the very first photographer that I did a nude art photoshoot with... and to be able to do that feeling completely comfortable is amazing. Scott is genuine, funny and very professional (but in a way that makes you feel completely relaxed working with him). Not only have I done many shoots with Scott but he has also become a good friend. I recommend Scott to any model wishing to do fine art photoshoots."
Tash Williams

"Lost in Fantasy II"
Art Model Serpentinekiss

"Fernwoods IV"

Art Model Baci

"I am writing in reference to Photographer Scott Brown and whilst on location with him, doing a photo shoot of September 07. Scott depicted the type of photos that I had aspired to achieve, as currently in my final stage of pregnancy. Not only was Scott professional in his approach - he made me feel assured and relaxed to get the result I was ultimately looking for. The pictures are clearly a stand out in terms of art and taste. It was a pleasure to work with Scott and I highly recommend him."

Art Model Aurora

"Scott is the type of photographer who makes you feel at ease. He is extremely talented when it comes to shooting interesting angles and lighting. I did my first ever shoot with him and because of the positive experience have built a love for modeling. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a brilliant picture and would work with him again any day of the week."

Art Model Joceline


Howard said...

Super to see Scott's work here, especially the superb work with UK model Joceline Brook-Hamilton.

Jan said...

What an amazing photographer and I adore the images shared here.

Keep up the most amazing work Scott.

Vahid Naziri said...

Thank you Chris for featuring Scott. He is a great photographer.