April 8, 2014

The beauty of humanity by Avramidis Mosses

" In our lifes, there are only a few things that we really possess : our body, our passions, our dreams and our emotions."

Avramidis Mosses


You'll find Avramidis Mosses at : deviantART, his photoblog, flickr.

Art Model Alki

From Thessaloniki, Greece, at 39 years old, Avramidis Mosses is a fine art nudes photographer I met through the favorites of... a lot of contributing artists.

In BW or in color, mainly in studio and indoors settings, I find in his beautiful compositions the grace of a rare and harmonious simplicity.

Without sophisticated make-up or superfluous accessories, Avramidis Mosses works with soft and discreet backgrounds lighting up the poses and the expressions of his art models.

"Nude beauty"
Art Model Marylu

Great lover of the feminine curves, passionate and talented, as you can see it, his work is really a creative tribute to the natural look, where his interpretation of space and of light makes this special signature I'm daily searching for like Lancelot the Holy Grail.

It's for these reasons I wanted to feature him. He told me "yes !", I tell him thanks !

"The cube"
Art Model Polina

" My passion is to capture and share the sensual beauty of the female form. The female nude is for me the most compelling and provocative natural form, the Nature's finest gift.

I'm so moved by his aesthetic that I want to translate what I feel into still images.

In my photographs I try to capture the beauty of humanity, just as the ancient Greek sculptors attempted to bring life into stone.

"Nude 33"
Art Model Rachel

"Nude 17"
Art Model Vannessa

"Nude 41"
Art Model Thepi

The body language is never indifferent. It touches us with very deep feelings, the feelings of life, love and passion.

I have very special feelings for my models. They are for me a recipe made of trust, understanding and humour.

Friendship allows my models and I to relax in such a way that my camera becomes simply a tool for capturing the unique moments we share.

"The camera and the girl 2"

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