April 9, 2011

Studio shoots

André Brito -

Nick Giles -


Mopas -
"Karolina 9434"

Nad Iksodas
"Sarah and a Washtub"

AJ Kahn -
"Atlas Remake"
Art Model Mandjohio

Ben Heys -

"BW Detail 166"

Tomasz Urban -
"Agt :"

Jim Young -
"Very dirty girls"
Art Models Kristina, Iris Dassault and Koko


Iris Dassault said...

Well, thank you!
I'm surprised that there's no images of Brito or Waclaw Wantuch, who are in my opinion, the best photographers of figures in the world.

Chris St James said...

I din't know Waclav Wantuch. I'll check. FOr anré Briot, you're right. was thinking the same thing after the publication... Harmony.
Tks Iris !!