September 9, 2008

Manoj Jadhav (Fototattoo)

You'll find Manoj Jadhav at his official site, Saatchi Online, his space at deviantART.

"On my own"

I'm impressed. Really. And that's so good. Watching his galleries, I've discovered a particularly inspired and self called "experimental photographer". Now, for sure, I want to know everything about him !

His short bio :

Manoj Jadhav is born in India in 1971. He's based in Mumbai (India) and travels all around the world for his professional works about Portraits, Fashion, Beauty, Advertising, Editorial, Celebrities and Fine art Projects.

From Saatchi Online :

"Manoj's work ranges from surrealist, abstract portraits to clean and sharp fashion, beauty images. He has mastered the craft for sensual and erotic nudes. Women inspire him. His work is a combination of his perception and imperfection in reality. He believes every visual artist is a voyeur and should be one."


"Lying Metal"


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