September 11, 2008

Howard Nowlan

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"Grace and Passion"

After the promotion of his books, it's time to discover Howard Nowlan, a freelance photographer based in Plymouth in Devon.

His bio, even short, will tell you everything about his deep passion for fine-nude Art, and you know how much I care for passionate artists ! Passion and Beauty, my best medicines... Pictures worthing a thousand words, let's have a look on his work.

Howard Nowlan's bio :
I have been involved in photography in a meaningful way since 2002, but the roots run much deeper, as my late wife, Kay, was a professional photographer for over 30 years and teacher of the subject for almost a decade.

I’m currently studying the medium to degree level with the Open College of Arts. I have one over-riding passion, which I ‘caught’ from Kay before loosing her to cancer... to capture the beauty, and to do so in a manner which conveys moments of sheer ‘connection’ to such to others. That’s the goal. The ongoing interest in my work over the last few years suggests I may be getting somewhere...


" Sun Stars"

Available at

Note : Any profits made from the sales of these publications will assist in financing further projects for his
Photo Arts Group.

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