October 11, 2008

Welcome Sarah Ina Alexander

You'll find Sarah at : her Art Gallery, her Photography site, her Tamariki Gallery.

"Fille de Charme"

Sarah Ina Alexander, 32, from New Zealand, is someone very special.

We are all, of course, no exception, but she paints, she sculpts, she writes, she shoots, she designs ! With an endless creativity.

Does she take some rest ? I don't know. Where does she find her prodigious inspiration, I don't know. But I will... I promise.

Anyway, Sarah Ina Alexander (what a beautiful name !) is a complete and talented artist who makes a splendid work.

Sarah Ina Alexander self-bio :

" For most of my life I have been a creative person. Like my mother and all the spirited women in the family before her, they were the optimum of inner beauty, a quiet independence, substance, creativity, depth, and artistic expression.
I was surrounded by creative people, always yearning for a little of that magic myself, whether it be through dance, fashion, beauty, painting, drawing, music, acting, written word or the performing arts.

It wasn’t until my love affair with art and photography that I realized that my whole life has been an evolving work of art,

because I always go to the exact same place when I write, when I draw, when I dance, when I love, when I paint, when I hear that perfect piece of music... and when creating photographs.

"The Deck Chair"

"Give yourself permission !"

I have always been obsessed with holding on to memories. So my life is a series of private journals and notes, poem’s and quotes, photo albums, pictures and memory boxes – all collected in an attempt to hang on to the specifics and ongoing chapters of my life.

That is where it started.

I wanted to capture memories, and because I believe that anything really worth doing is worth doing well – I wanted to be extremely gifted at it. So when I got my first camera I set out to kick ass.

Strangely enough, it hasn’t been easy. With minimal equipment and resources and being self taught, the road from there to here has been a slow one, filled with self-doubt and hundreds of mediocre photo’s and mediocre painting’s or mediocre people telling me what I did was mediocre. More than once I was tempted to give up and look at fulfilling one of my childhood dreams of becoming a 30 something year old pro-skater chick !

"The Calm Before The Storm"

"The Edge"

"Self Portrait 4"

Then somehow, after the shutter clicked after the ten thousenth hundrenth eleventh time, things started to slide into place.
I started seeing something in my images and low and behold - other people did too. Instead of just capturing technically acceptable portraits or politically correct nudes :

I was starting to really "see" potential images all around me.
Suddenly, art was everywhere,
even when I wasn’t behind the camera.
Colours took on new qualities ; light danced, shadows whispered, scenes called out to be frozen.

"Nicky III"

People and thing's took on theme’s that turned into movies with music and photographic story's. Beauty and perception in the truest sense was redefined. Possibilities at that moment become boundless.
There was and has never been a time in my life that was not a photograph waiting to be taken, a picture to be painted, a movie to be made, a thought to be written, a feeling to be fully expressed.


When I get to that place where I feel the image becoming what it was meant to be, time disappears and it is almost as if the image itself takes over – because there is a point where like lover’s becoming one - both artist and art become one.

This creative process has taught me to think less, and do more. To rely on instincts and personal style and what my eyes and heart tell me, to worry less about focus, perfection and competition or the directions from some person, forum, expert or book.

To develop and believe in my own internal style based on what feels right to me in the moment, because the very best art has to be intensely personal and deeply experienced by the artist, otherwise it has no soul – and art as in love with no soul cannot be received.

"Romance of the mind"

And so slowly I realized that this was my work, my passion, my calling, my creativity. This entire process, from beginning to end, this was my art.

"To be"

In the process of just wanting to be great and gifted at something, I learned something far more important : I discovered that I had art inside me from the very beginning.

I am a visual artist, How could I not be.

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Anonymous said...

This work, including the eloquent accompanying narrative, is worthy of position and acclaim. Well done, Sarah...from Carolyn