March 29, 2017

Stefan Gesell joins us

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" Full of talent, outstanding work, impressive gallery, awesome, unbelievable, I'm totally impressed, great stuff, I'm speachless, really stunning and breathtaking photos, powerful work, stunning, very unique style, fabulous gallery, exceptional..."

The comments about the work of Stefan Gesell are extatic and unanimous. And they're right.

From Munich, Germany, woldwide renowned and multi-awarded photographer at various international photographic competitions, Stefan Gesell composes his pictures like a Director : scripts, decorations, locations, lights, casting, make-up, poses, post-processing, nothing seems to be left to chance. I tell "seem" because we'll know more about his outstanding creativity after his interview.

To make short, I've too many (french) words in my mind, must I tell you how much I'm happy to feature him ? No, isn't it ?... So, let's him talk. And enjoy the work of this fantastic artist !

Art Model Madlen

An extract of his short interview with Harald Heim for The Plugin Site :
" German photographer Stefan Gesell creates photos that have a very special touch.

He usually does portraits and full size photos of half dressed or nude women that convey a very dark and dramatic mood.

Some of his images contain horror elements like screaming mouths, gas masks and decayed rooms while others have a more romantic touch that is emphasized with flower bouquets, glowing skin and gleams of light."

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Harald Heim : Can you please tell us something about yourself ?

I was born in 1959 in Markschorgast near Kulmbach, Germany, and visited the "Gymnasium." In 1977, I passed the entrance exam of the police. Since 2003, I have dedicated myself to photography.

Harald Heim : What do you think makes your photos different from those of other photographers ?

I think it is the different approach and stage-managing that makes my pictures look different.

For me the impact of my images is of high importance.
I want to make them memorable to the viewer.

That's why I experiment a lot with light and the resulting mood.

Art Model Rassamee

Art Model Rassamee

Harald Heim : How do you get ideas for new photos ?

My ideas come to me while sleeping, so to speak. I dream of them and try to translate the memory of the dream into photos.


From fine art TV :
" His creations are unsettling, sometimes violent, he draws from imaginations of the masters of comics who so often found a life much more real via the cinema.

Stefan transforms his model, whether it is a man or a woman. He pushes them so that they have to be expressive in their glances, in the distorsions of their bodies. The movement has importance, and it is also the force of his photography."

Art Model Madlen

Art Model Rassamee

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Art Model Rassamee

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