March 1, 2017

Anca Cernoschi's interview

" I like indoors, like an improvised movie scene in an empty room with just some pieces of furniture, something comfortable and not too professional."  

"Dora - contest"


In a world where images spread like an epidemic, a confusion between the real and imaginary arises. I work with natural light almost exclusively, I prefer domestic interiors because they give a feeling of authenticity to the image. I photograph things the way I'd like them to be seen by the others, strongly believing that in the moment they are exposed to the world, they don't belong to me anymore, that is why I find very important where and how it's seen, who has access to them and what are the responses. These images are storytelling portraits, like a memory about the past or maybe the future. They are almost classical eastern-european portraits with romantic overtones, with a timeless element.

Anca, could you tell us how did your passion for photography begin ?

I was studying art for about three years when I started to take pictures.

First just landscapes but soon I realized that photography gave me more possibilities to obtain the result I wanted than painting (or maybe I wasn't talented enough !)

A revelation... How lucky you are ! I noted that you're still a student. In an art school ?

Yes, I study graphic design for a few months now. I studied decorative arts for about 4 years before that.


And do you feel it's your way ?

Yes, I would like to work in photography or design. I can't see myself doing something else.

Of course your style is evolving at every shot, and we can see your curiosity in your tries, indoors, outdoors, BW and color, but is there a genre that attracts you more than another ?

I prefer BW film photography (indoors usually, like a movie scene) but I am not yet at the level where I want to be in that genre (or any other), so I keep experimenting.

As the majority of the contributing artists of this site, experienced or not... Who are your favorite photographers ? Do they have an influence on your style ?

There are many classic and beginners I like but the classics influenced me the most. I'm not that open to modern approaches in photography but I admire many young photographers for their courage to try very different things.

Model Delia

You make part of the digital generation. What about film ?...

I'd like to say I enjoy film but for now both, even more digital.

What locations do you prefer to use mainly ?

Indoors the most but not studios, more like a corner of the model's home, an improvised studio in an empty room with just some pieces of furniture and the lights, something comfortable and not too 'professional'.

Some words about your models ? With who are you dreaming to work ?

I usually look for a model to fit one idea I have, or some interesting personalities because I'm curious if I can capture their personalities.

I don't want to work with someone in particular, I can tell you if I find someone interesting but for now everyone I asked agreed to pose for me (lucky me !).

"Dora 8"

"Dora 10"


What is your own favorite photo ? Could you choose one ?

I like one picture for about 2-3 weeks after I made it. Usually I don't like my work that much after such a long time. Probably I get used to it, I don't know. It's the only one I still like after almost 2 years since I made it. It is my first nude.

"Room 1"


Again bravo Anca. Your work is impressive and we'll follow you with a great pleasure !


Anonymous said...

 beginner ?
.. many an established photographer would like to express the passion and sensitivity that Anca introduces to her work. She photographs with her mind but she sees things with her heart. Her pictures are mysterious yet accessible, just out of reach, so she obliges us to make that special effort to penetrate her world. Photography is a reflection of one’s personality and Anca brings to it all the richness and generosity of her psyche and her inner self.
John Peri

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marsiful fate said...

I just discovered her work last night and am quite obsessed to see more....

love her delicacy, warm tones and femininity that come through with each photograph. nothing really repeats itself!

great work and thanks for the interview :)