November 4, 2008

Welcome Michael Pineault

Michael Pineault at : his official site, his deviantART, his blog.

"My Elf 1"
"Published in French Photo Magazine for an erotic photo contest in tribute to Newton."

The first time I discovered this canadian photographer, I was immediatly attracted by his "natural", realistic style.

Michael Pineault has the same sources of inspiration than Al Calkins, Kiran Patil or Andrew Kaiser, all these great contributing photographers deeply devoted to the simple daily truth, capturing extraordinary images of ordinary moments, as told us Scott James Prebble : "seeing beauty where others can't".

To reach this simplicity, these natural attitudes and spontaneous movements, he mostly works in B&W with non professional models, what gives to his pictures a pure grace we can't miss...

Michael Pineault was born in 1978 in Baie-Comeau, a small city in the Province of Quebec, Canada, on the shore of the Saint Laurent River.

Influenced by the fashion and charm photos of the French magazine “PHOTO”, he will discover in these pages the humanism of photo story.

“I want my photo to inspire sensuality,
to lead to tenderness and love.”


His passion pushes him to sell his coins collection to buy his first camera, a FM2.

Autodidact from the age of 16, influenced by John Peri, Jean-François Jonvelle, Jean-Loup Sieff, Patrick Demarchelier or Gavin O’Neill, Michael will attend diversified training workshops, here and there, to perfect his technical and creative knowledge.

Michael is a freelance photographer more and more in demand.

Published in his first inspiration magazine, “PHOTO” and in the Quebec city cultural magazine “Bazzart”, he's currently working on a photographic project about tattoos and extreme corporal modifications, such as piercings and implants.


"Cath in the bath"

Two projects in incubation :

The women :
An impulse of the heart which tickles him for a while. He would like to produce a calendar or a book of feminine photos to collect funds to help militants against woman abuse.

The unknown photographers :

A project under way : an anthology presenting the images of different kind of photographers met on the Internet, these unknown photographers we can only find on the Web.
An amalgam of styles, genres, techniques often unfamiliar and surprising. Besides, Michael is open to proposals from publishing houses interested in this very innovative project.

"My Light"

“To me, to photograph a woman is to stimulate the sensual poetry of the imaginary.”

"Douce Matinale"

Michael Pineault calls himself a sensual maniac. His photography of women is kind of an answer to pornography which carries the image of the woman as an object, of a human being submissive to fantasies of violence and to sexual submission to men. He prefers to offer a subjective eroticism insisting on gracious moments often ignored, who are brimmed with sensuality.

In his images and in his artistic approach, his respect and admiration of the woman remain his main source of creativity.

"Spying You"

Michael prefers to work with non professional models. He finds in them a natural attitude and spontaneous movements he doesn’t with professionals, whose poses are often planned and frozen.

Most of his photo sessions are done alone with his model in a calm and serene atmosphere. He photographs natural women, with a minimum of make-up so he can humanise the eroticism of feminine beauty. He also has great pleasure working with natural light using, there again, as less artifice as possible.

“ The woman fascinates me and her beauty moves me.”

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