February 1, 2014

Welcome xyour

xyour at deviantART.


" This one kept pulling me in. Interesting composition. Beautiful image."
Iris Dassault -

" Nice ! I like the crop/composition and the contrast !"
Rachel Lovitt -

When you enter into the universe of xyour, you can't miss the strength of his work. Besides, my first word when I discovered his photographs was : " powerful ! "

xyour is from Prague (Czech Republic), what could explain his so original and innovative style, this special "east" touch I love so much.

"Head 22"


xyour is a very creative artist with an amazing mastery of lighting, his primary tool.

Between fine art and "fashion" style, from portraits to sculptural nudes, xyour is always acclaimed for the quality of his compositions.

His interpretation of space as well as his way to play with the shadows bring us the very best of his overactive imagination.


Regarding his tremendous talent, I'm very surprised by the lack of informations about him... Be sure I'll make all what I can to give him all the credit he deserves.

Because, without no doubt, at 35 years old, xyour is a good photographer who gives its true sense to the famous "Wow !" factor.



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