January 29, 2014

Herr Buchta joins us


Herr Buchta at his official site, deviantART.

His book "Intense" is available here.

"...technical support..."

" The photo artist Herr Butcha turns reality upside down in his pictures and created his own phantasy of a bizarre visual world where the artist sometimes likes to take the role of the protagonist buchta, the jester, the twisted, takes the spectator on a journey into a grotesque world which is artfully and perfect staged."
Source The Bizarre.

Art Models Ninette and Sinkasa

Model Mel

Yes indeed, Herr Buchta is a master of the provocation, living in a strange artistic universe you can't miss to admire.

Self called experimental photographer, but far beyond the simple experimentation, Herr Buchta is a German digital artist, owner of the Buchta/Schramm Gallery in Krefeld, Germany (next exhibition announcement below).

Model Vera K

Between photographs and paintings, his work is full of symbols whatever the theme he chooses : death, religion, pain, war, love, fun, portraits, self...

Model Sue

Herr Buchta is always successfully playing with our deepest fears and false beliefs, pushing the limits, jumping over the barriers... To make short : his inspired vision strikes the minds.

When you search some informations about this incredibly inventive artist, you often find the same word about his work : disturbing. Followed of course by : "stunning, amazing, dark, funny, positively subverted, truly inspiring, awesome", all at the same time. And everybody is right...

"Miss Geschick"
Model Kristin

"Non fragile"

Art Model Marta Amarova

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