March 2, 2009

Let's talk about Art !

Marc Hoppe -
Art Model Swetlana

François Benveniste -
"Heated discussion"
Art Model Liloo

Ted Preuss -

Olaf Starorypinski
Art Model Catphrodite -

Thorsten Jankowski -
"Asia Pacific"

David Kirk -
"By Kelvin Way"
Art Model Pinkyg

Rubén Lizana
"Within from outside I"

John Tisbury
"Feeling good, looking ugly"
Art Model Michelle Monaghan

Christian Hough
Art Model Iveta Niklova -

David Chua
Art Model Vanessa Tarachin -

Jason Tag -
"White Fabric"
Art Model Jessamyn

Jaime Ibarra

Beau eRomantica -
"Shadowplay 2"

Johan Sjöbeck
Singer Sibel Redzep (Sweden)

Mick Waghorne -
Art Model Madame Bink -

Alessandro Ansuini -
"You all want a single"
Model Nadja

Jim Young -
"Distant Memory"
Art Model and Photographer Iris Dassault -

Richard Rasner -
"Sunlit ecstasy"
Art Model Renee

Scott James Prebble -
"We came to this city together"
Art Model Marie-Therese

Mirabilia Images
"A sour in the mouth"

Matthew Scherfenberg
"Black Cotton Candy"
Art Model Heather

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brooke lynne said...

wonderful selections!!