May 11, 2009

Hope Hoffman, by Howard Nowlan

Hoppe Hoffman written and lighted up by Howard Nowlan, photographer
Contributing UdA Art Editor

When I started truly working in this field some years ago, part of the 'big idea' I wanted to encourage was more inter-action between artists in the field in the UK, Europe and the United States.

Whilst there's plenty of scope for seeing that desire developed, I'm pleased to say that in one artist, that "weaving" has been very richly affirmed.

Hope Hoffman is a very talented artist from the East coast of the United States, who first contacted me back in 2005.

We have worked three times together since then on her trips to the UK, and each time, I have been over-awed by her grace, her character and the fact that her art so totally flows from her warmth.

Hope is not just a model. Skilled in both modern and classical dance and also in music, she is a young woman who lives and breathes the beauty of the arts.

Working with Hope is truly like working to create a painting by the masters.

Once posed, she will remain still whilst the artist captures the moment. The experience is serene.

After many years of teaching her skills, Hope is now seeking to study further, and this means she could well be located in England for a few years. She's clearly excited about that, and already enjoying encountering and engaging with the diverse arts scene here.

So, on a literally overnight stop this week, we had to create some new work, so here it is.

I'm already looking forward to this amazing artist's return !

Images by Howard Nowlan ©. With many thanks to Hope.

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