May 15, 2009

Michael Marterer aka Lichträume

Lichträume (from Germany) at deviantART.

"Alien Nation"
Art Model Rassamee

"Workout 1"
Art Model Birgit

" ... secret place... 1"
Art Model Birgit

Why have I chosen two photographs so different to introduce Lichträume ? Because it's the main characteristic of his work.

By turn classic, mainly in B/W, till to be deliciously romantic as you see it at left with this wonderful picture, or firmly modern with richly coloured compositions in outstanding off-beat settings, Lichträume shows us his true desire to discover new horizons and constantly learn new techniques and styles. With success.

Like a large majority of the contributing artists, his passion began very young. But it's only in 2005 that he decided to shoot art nudes. A good decision ! And the birth of an art photographer with a vision. So here he is ! Of course...

"Beelitz 1"
Art Model Birgit

"Beelitz 7"
Art Model Birgit

" I am 44 years old and I live with my wife Birgit in Augsburg, Germany.

I bought my first SLR when I was 12 years old. It was a full mechanic and old PRAKTIKA.

"Rassamee 5"
Art Model Rassamee

In the first years I photographed in black/white, and developed my films in my parents' bathroom. At this time I work with a Pentax K20D and some lenses.

Since 2005, I photograph beauty, glamour and nude in my home studio. 

My first model, and always my preferred one, is my beautiful wife Birgit. But in the last 4 years, I've shooted in studio, indoors and outdoors, more than 50 professional models.

In 2007, I met a great photoshop teacher, from Austria. Today I still spend a lot of time to learn photoshop. And since one year, I give workshops about photoshop, form, beauty, retouches to complex compositions."

"... naked ..."
Art Model Birgit

" ...hard..."
Art Model Tammy

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