May 11, 2009

Steve Trutwin joins us

You may find Steve Trutwin at his site, deviantART.

Art Model Dollybeck -

"Hallway contemplation"
Art Model Jessamyne

Self taught (and always experimenting), modest (but working with the greatest Australian art models such as Dollybeck, Jessamyne or White Peach...), Steve Trutwin is typically this kind of passionate Artist we love to feature.

Steve Trutwin shares of course the same love of the vast landscapes of Australia, so beautifully captured by a large majority of the Australian photographers. And I'm sure he has a lot of tremendous outdoors photographs in his computer. That said, his work goes far beyond and shows us how curious and inventive he is.

Steve Trutwin seems to constantly learn new techniques and styles in order to offer us his full range of talent and creativity. Inspired, innovative, modern or romantic, he works with success on a very wide range of themes, always with a powerful sense of the composition.

"Two Three Five Four Three Two"
Art Model Dollybeck

" I think my work is pretty rough around the edges. I'm far from pro-standard, but I just enjoy it, and hopefully some people like what they see from me."

I say :
Pretty rough ?! Far from pro-standard (is there one ?) ?!! Some people... No comments. My dear Steve, you have a new fan.

"In the Shadows at 127"
Art Model Dollybeck

"The Chick"

" I was born and grew up in Perth, Western Australia in 1964. I moved to Adelaide, South Australia when I was a teenager and now live in the Adelaide hills... a beautiful part of the world.

Most of my art nude work has been done in and around the hills and places near where I live, the places I go with friends or where I ride my mountain bike.

"Fear of the Sky"
Art Model Dollybeck

I first started taking photos when my father gave me an old German "King Cita" camera when I was at university studying a science degree. I spent a fortune on film and processing, it kept me broke when I was a student.

I bought an Olympus OM-20 in about '84 then decided to go with Nikon's F601 in about 1996. I mostly photographed abstract shapes and patterns around that time, as well as rock bands, friends and holidays, as well as my brother's stage plays.

"The Chairperson"
Art Model Dollybeck

I went digital with the D100 and started photographing nudes shortly after that when I joined Adelaide Camera Club. I tend to bluff my way through a bit.

I'm pretty much self taught all along, picking up a few tips and tricks from magazines and other camera buffs along the way. So, I make lots of mistakes. Plenty of shots are failures, but I usually end up with one or two from a shoot that I'm happy to call mine.

"Queen of Spades ?"
Art Model Jessamyne

Art Model White Peach

"Island View"
Art Model Jessamyne

I usually go to a shoot with a few ideas, but it's the spontaneous, unexpected things that happen.

A unique pose from a model or a ray of nice light that provides the image that seems to turn out best.

I rely on an interesting location, I usually start with that, and I'm lucky to live where I do with so many good spots to choose from. It also helps to have a good model who can assist with poses, clothing and ideas. Then I can just fret over the photography side of it.

I think my work is pretty rough around the edges, I'm far from pro-standard, but I just enjoy it, and hopefully some people like what they see from me."


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Jan said...

I really love your style and, like you I feel my way around too. I find, that when the passion is there, you get to the place you wish to be with dedication.

Beautiful work and thank you for the feature :)