August 17, 2009

Contributing Editors' exhibition

Iris Dassault
Jim Young -
"My Bridge"

Marcus J Ranum
"My Wall"
Art Model Sarah Ellis -

GW Burns
"The Door"

Andre J
Art Model Nikki

Nikola Borissov
"K. II"

Stephen Haynes
"Erin & Hats 13"
Art Model Erin -

Dave Rudin
Art Model Rebecca Lawrence

Beau eRomantica
"More of More to come"

Jeffrey Mc Alister

Mark Varley
"33 nudes 04"

Jarda Balek
"Where is my laundry"

Warren Brown
"Hommage to the Self"
Art Model Candace Nirvana -

Jason Tag
Art Model Ella Rose

Michael Vasquez
"The Smile"
Art Model Leslie

Dave Swanson
"The Frog Hunter"
Art Model Sarah Jean

Lady Anais by James Petrusson


Dave Rudin said...

Thanks, Chris!

e-string said...


Warren Brown said...

I'm honoured to be featured amongst such artists. Thank you.

Chris St James said...

Thank you to you !!! ;)