August 12, 2009

The Top Ten Rules of Working with a Model, by Lady Anais

Written by Lady Anais, Art Model

"Just thought I might contribute to a light and fun tips for photographers. Enjoy !" Lady Anais

PhotoSoCal - "Power"
Art Model Lady Anais

Art Model Lady Anais

Sometimes we like to have the ball thrown into our court, we're artists, too and would like to have certain pictures of ourselves from our own ideas. It gets tiring doing what everyone else wants.

We are not your pet. Do not dress us up like dolls, tell us to "Go there !", move this way, eat that, wag and bark. If you give us respect and treat us like humans, we guarantee you'll get the best photos.

If we're doing TF, don't complain when we're 5-10 minutes late. If we're doing Paid work, don't complain when we're 5-10 minutes late. We travel often and our perception of how bad the traffic will be always changes.

Jim Petrusson
Art Model Lady Anais

There are reasons why we flake on the day of the shoot.
99.99% of the time, it's not because we want to piss you off.
60% of the time, it's because we're somehow uncomfortable working with you.
25% of the time, there really is an emergency.
12% of the time, we can't afford to travel your way or commit to a TF, and we're too embarassed to say it.
2% of the time, it's miscellaneous.

Don't complain to us about what other photographers did wrong with our pictures. Complain to them, not us.
Note : We will probably get angry and defend them, anyway. You don't want a cat fight. -hisss-

Do not use the word 'muse' so lightly. Expect us to go away for a long time before you see us again...

James McKinnis
Art Model Lady Anais

Teri White
"The Spaniard II"
Art Model Lady Anais

Don't think we have any expenses other than gas ? How about jackets, lingerie, tops, pants, makeup, shoes, MUA, hairstylist, beauty treatments, accessories, etc. I just bought a jacket that's $175... and I'll probably only use it for 1-2 shoots ! It's quality versus quantity. Whatever is your luxury expense happens to be our life.

Please don't fall in love with us. It's a major turn-off.

We are not your property. Jealousy of other photographers is your issue, not ours.

"I don't think I really like that idea" = No.
"I'm not too comfortable with that" = No.
"No"= NO.

"The Dancing Flame"
Art Model Lady Anais


unbearable lightness said...

Thank you, Lady Anais, and thank you, Chris, for publishing it!

Jason Tag said...

very good information! thank you for sharing it with us! I know I could've used an article like this when I was first starting out.

Thanks again and Aloha!,
Jason Tag

mark said...

Sage advice, LA.

You don’t know me, but if you have any interest in seeing the pics I took of you at the SF Bryant St Studio group shoot last month, here they are in largely unpolished contact sheet form. You certainly were an inspiration to behold that evening, so thank you for that!