December 28, 2009

A Tribute to the Artist, by Elena Buga

A feature by
UdA Art Editor Elena Buga

It's holiday time again,
a time when the artist looks into the world,
and the world is a masterpiece where he or she,
puts a last touch, the last colours to create a perfect work of art.

Art Ward
"Free Falling"
Art Model Elena Buga

"We did "Free Falling" this autumn in a freezing mountain forest in Ireland... it is from a whole series we haven't had time to even look at." ~EB

The creative world is wide open, and a glimpse of it shines into the work of unknown visionaries, ready to add that last element to compose a final orchestra where nature itself, along with ancient feelings, express themselves in order to present the greatest symphony of all :

The Symphony of The Spirit.


But what is an artist ?

Can we manufacture one, or do we just wake up one day and say, "I want to be an artist today"?

Is it just a hobby or a passion of life ?

Christophe Vermare -
"Robe de Lune"

The Artist is a visionary, a leader for generations to come.
He or she creates from inside, the feeling that was there all along. These creations are masterpieces of hard work and
determination based on the artist's own standards to achieve in the strive for perfection.

Darren Phillips -
"Street Light"
Art Model SophStarfish

The Artist's creation awes by the expressivity in capturing the spirit itself and presenting it in any form of art. The style is unique, unseen as it comes from inside.

The path may lead to greatness yet to come, though the artist knows it and feels it, presenting it in the work as the biggest goal.

Lorraine Daley
"Some People Don't Mind Being Backed Into A Corner"
Art Model Melissa

Olga Trusova

"Conception of a Masterpiece : Moscow Biennale Architecture 2008"

Capturing the spirit is one of the greatest dilemmas that art has to encounter. The spark could ignite any form, a performing art or a painting that moves, a sculpture that amazes. The Artist had the ability to move the viewer through visions and conceptions, to inspire, and to create a path to follow the path with the feeling of being there so natural.


Magdalena Olek
"Summer Garden"

Art is the only legacy that the artist could leave to those yet to come, a declaration the independence and beauty of the spirit.

Through the most unselfish act, the creator of art shares a vision with the world, as this is the reason for being here in a moment of time.

And after everything is gone in this material world, Art will be the only way to show the Artist was here...

Johannes Barthelmes

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