January 4, 2010

Hidden Faces

Thème (French) : a topic, a subject, a theme (the same word without the accent), a thought... Here is a variation about one.

When an idea becomes a piece of art.

Artur Dubrovskis
"Madonna 21 vek"

Dave Hare -
"See no evil"
Art Model Livvy

Dave Swanson -
"Red Riding Hood 7"
Art Model Abigail

Dystopian Studios
"Is this better"
Art Model, Author and Singer St Merrique -

Elisa Lazo de Valdez -
"Head Full of Yarn"

Evgeniy Shaman -
"Elegy of emptiness"

José Manchado -
"A quien le importa"
Art Model Gaël


Marcus J. Ranum -
"Buffalo Goddess"
Art Model Sarah Ellis -

Michael Papendieck -
"Black Spider"

Michael Siu -
Art Model Bella Blue -

Rudolf Imrisík -
"Corpse Bride-Wedding Day"

Springheel -
"Bounty Hunter"
Art Model Aveda Marie

Herr Buchta -
"...technical support..."

Vic -
"Pink attitude - What's up"

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