December 1, 2010

Pavel Kiselev and Nadya, series best of!


If you ask me why I love so much these series, first I'll tell you that they talk to me. Then, of course, I never could be exhaustive : " Look at that ! All is perfect, the light, the composition, the art model, their creativity, the frame, this something special I'll never could write ! And for me it's the most painful thing I have to deal with.

THESE photographs deserve to be shown again and again. They are N°1 on all my Charts, all nominated for an award and winner of the Palme d'Or. If I was an Editor on paper, I would publish them right now. If I was member of a Jury, they would all win. And if I could, on my walls.

I see an infinite talent, a wonderful piece of Art. I see a vision, a lot of work or maybe a sudden amazing inspiration, like here, he says, this kind of moment all the artists are dreaming of, these moments that push us to work so hard.

So here is the Master Pavel Kiselev, from Russia.

Bad Weather Series
By Pavel Kiselev and Nadya

" Behind a beacon (on the right) we were covered from a wind, a rain and a hailstones. All has taken place very quickly, I casually had small camera. It was not planned. From some minutes were begun with a downpour. Model Nadya, my love :) " Pavel Kiselev

Pavel Kiselev ©

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