August 28, 2017

Gabriel Olude : "Every Woman is A Masterpiece"

I shoot like I breathe.

The first thing which touched me was his signature : "Every Woman is A Masterpiece". He's so right and the 500 members of this Collective tell it a lot in their interviews.

The second thing is his great talent, his deep passion and his infinite creativity. Gabriel Olude has published 71 151 photographies and "Photo Artistry" in Facebook ! It is more than passion and I love that.

And finally, the third thing is that Gabriel Olude is from Nigeria. There are very few artistic nude photographers in Africa. In this magazine you'll find only Massalo from Angola. Fortunately, with his courses he plans to train 200 fine art photographers.

Thanks to him, I hope Africa will be soon on the fine art stage and I'm impatient to exhibit the best works of his students (an idea for you my friend).

My dear Gabriel, I'm glad and honored to welcome you. Thank you for your friendship and your warm enthusiasm ūüėČ Now, it's time to create your site !

What Gabriel calls "Photo Artistry" :

Art Model Ingrid Pomeroy

Born in 1972 in Lagos, Nigeria, I  have a deep passion for fine-art photography. Coming from a family background of photographers, I have taken my passion a step higher. I have been carving out a niche for myself in fine-art photography, a genre of photography not common in Nigeria.

My love for my art is as deep and endless as the oceans. Coming from a family of photographers, including my dad and my uncles, it was inevitable that I would choose the same profession.

As a budding photographer, I learned the basics from Don Barber, a seasoned pro who has trained thousands of students.

Later, I enrolled in the Complete Course at the prestigious New York Institute of Photography and further improved my skills through various other online courses.

One of these courses truly transformed my concept of photography: Sebastian Michaels’ course turned me into a true fine-art photographer. Ever since joining that course my works have been featured in numerous international online and offline magazines and I have been awarded international mentions by numerous professional Facebook platforms.

I love to share my knowledge, my vision and experience with my students and I plan to train at least 200 fine-art photographers, further developing the art of fine-art photography.

The Photo Artistry

Donna Dean is a world class Artist and when I discovered that she would join the collaboration I was very excited that such an extremely talented woman would work with my muses! She is a highly decorated professional Artist and one of the Top Artists I admire. Her accepting to collaborate with me is like a Rockstar autographing my journal. Her Art are Timeless Autographs of Greatness and will leave you in awe. Wanting more...

Art Model Donna Dean

Art Model Donna Dean

Anna Czekala... This French Diva is an absolute delight to watch. Her imagery is out of this world. Exquisite. Classic. She takes you to another dimension. I love her art and I am absolutely honored to have collaborated with her. Congrats great Artist and Woman.

Art Model Anna Czekala

"Cup of Wine"

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suruha said...

Gabriel is absolutely amazing! He is as much a joy to work alongside, in the groups, as he is when viewing his work!