June 21, 2011

Mosa and Art Model Sindy Kat

Mosa joins the UdA Art Editor's Team... a huge WELCOME.

Mosa and Art Model SindyKat

"Again she manges to take my breath away with her amazing performance and presence on stage. With each look she would transform to a different person, right in-front of my eyes/lens. Thank you my china girl."

"This set was shoot last time SindyKat visited me. Once every other year when she is in town, we get together and make art.

Occasionally I do some experiments as in this set. The DSLR camera was set to JPG/BW with high ISO, trying to imitate old times film cameras and the whole set was shoot in less than 30mins. None of the images have been cropped.

Since she is coming to for another session in a few days, I feel the images reflect my anticipation of working with her."

"I believe that the human body is a temple containing Spirit, it is a gesture of the vibration that is Universal Consciousness.

If God made the human body in its own form, I feel that the body – as a sacred vessel – should be looked upon respectfully, with the utmost reverence.


the fallen angel social club said...

simply wonderful images ..

best wishes


David Winge said...