July 4, 2011

Madonna's Sex book, with Steven Meisel

Madonna Louise Ciccone,
16/8/58, Bay City, Michigan
1,65 m

"Released on October 21, 1992, to accompany Madonna’s fifth studio album Erotica (released a day earlier), Sex is a coffee table book like no other.
Shot  in New York City and Miami, the locations ranged from hotels and burlesque theaters, to the streets of Miami. In spite mass controversy related to its release,  it was a commercial success with over 150,000 copies sold on the first day. This is still one of the most sought after, out of print books, and Cloud 8 Records is proud to sell this mint condition copy here in the store."  

"Everything you are about to see and read is a fantasy, a dream, pretend"

 "Most people want to hear me say that I regret publishing my Sex book. I don't. I'm not apologizing in any shape or form. I was interested in pushing buttons and being rebellious and being mischievous and trying to bend the rules."

By Steven Meisel, 1992
Texts by Madonna

"In Sex Madonna of course, was saying exactly what she wanted, warts and all... Indeed, this idea that she was penning her own sexual narrative was perhaps the most shocking part of the whole enterprise. And while it was easy to critique Sex, it should be applauded for this balls-to-the-wall honesty." Priya Elan discussing the book

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