June 28, 2011

Konstantin Alexandroff

Konstantin Alexandroff (MrKostas on deviantArt), from Russia, is a talented young photographer who dreams of being a rock star and while he pursues his dream, he produces stunning images.

"She and her darkness"

Let's learn more about him in his own words:

I was born and raised in Moscow. I guess I had a pretty normal childhood but I was a strong introvert so communication with other people wasn't easy or necessary at all. I was always focused on something beyond usual people's interests. I was drawn to maths, physics, cosmology, chemistry, psycholohy, philosophy etc. And I still am. When I turned 18, I began to become more interested in the arts, I started to play in a band as a guitarist, got some tattoos and grew long hair. Before I was 23 or so, I don't think I ever held a camera in my hands. Then I bought some crappy compact Olympus and I pretty much enjoyed working with it, people called me to parties to take pictures which was nice too. Then I switched to the cheapest DSLR and realized all the potential of photography to express my thoughts.

My philosophy

As a photographer I've chosen artistic nude as my favourite genre for different reasons. First of all, I'm endlessly fascinated by female beauty and the power it has over people's mind. But my works are almost never "erotic", they always have some special meaning not everyone even attempts to think of. I don't mind this at all, I never try to explain what I do. Some people have their own interpretation and that's great too. My thoughts are rarely happy, my mind's dark and lonely and all of this bleeds into my art in a symbolic form. Which, in turn, gives more sense to my life and even gives me new thoughts and ideas. Everything is connected.

I have asked Konstantin to choose some of his favourite shots:

Now, regarding the pictures I've chosen. Here's some of my comments bearing in mind that I don't feel comfortable talking about how to interpret them, my words should not be taken too seriously


I was always a fan of Egyptian mythology and this is kind of a tribute to that passion. A quote I like: "...Nut was the goddess of the sky and all heavenly bodies, a symbol of resurrection and rebirth. According to the Egyptians,during the day, the heavenly bodies—such as the sun and moon—would make their way across her body. Then, at dusk, they would be swallowed, pass through her
digestive system during the night, and be reborn out of her uterus at dawn, the red streaks in the sky symbolizing the blood and fluid passed at birth


Hard to pick the right words to describe it. But the contrast between soft and curvy lines of body with cruel environment and with lots of empty space, all of this makes it beautiful to me.

"Place called home"

This is about my (and anyone's) true home. Which is not where my family is or where I live. It's definitely in my mind, and it's always deserted, always hard and twisted. Though I wouldn't look as good naked as she does

"Belle Morte"

She looks like a doll, she's passive and very appealing. One of the simplest but visually (near-)perfect pictures of mine.

"Panic Room"

Again, something about inner self, hiding in the dark but actually very exposed and vulnerable. Also a technical experiment with film format.

"Rising tide"

The combination of different elements and high contrast again. Never tried to explain this one to myself, so cannot comment further.

"Embrace of shade"

This one is about the feeling of being buried under dark thoughts.

"Abyss becomes you"

I think that Nietzsche explained it well: "When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you"

"Stigmata Diaboli"

Blood is a very strong symbol. And it was shed for far too many symbols and abstract ideas.

Thank you Konstantin for your wonderful work. We hope to see more of it in future.

June 21, 2011

OnePixArt and Art Model Sindy Kat

Just for us ! In exclusivity ! Wow.
How proud and honoured we are... All red.

And last but not least, Mosa joins the UdA Art Editor's Team... Same comments with a huge WELCOME.

All began simply, as usual with him :
Mosa : This is a new style of work for me... Hope you understand !
Chris : If I understand ? I tried so many styles in my writings ! Indeed, Mosa, it's different. B/W before, then less post-processed (correct ?) (... he told me yes). With a really expressive art model who deserves to be in front of your camera. I like. All. The Series and the courage to try a new way. Bravo Mosa !

And Mosa is waiting for your comments. Truly. ;)

You'll find OnePixArt at his official site, his blog, his first feature, his wonderful interview full of passion and love, and all his articles here inside.

OnePixArt and Art Model SindyKat

"Again she manges to take my breath away with her amazing performance and presence on stage. With each look she would transform to a different person, right in-front of my eyes/lens. Thank you my china girl."

"This set was shoot last time SindyKat visited me. Once every other year when she is in town, we get together and make art.

Occasionally I do some experiments as in this set. The DSLR camera was set to JPG/BW with high ISO, trying to imitate old times film cameras and the whole set was shoot in less than 30mins. None of the images have been cropped.

Since she is coming to for another session in a few days, I feel the images reflect my anticipation of working with her."

"I believe that the human body is a temple containing Spirit, it is a gesture of the vibration that is Universal Consciousness.

If God made the human body in its own form, I feel that the body – as a sacred vessel – should be looked upon respectfully, with the utmost reverence.

June 19, 2011

Congratulations Vernon Trent !

A very good news to share !

Because a publication is always a great moment in an artist's life. Bravo Vernon. ;) We applause the Master !

Vernon Trent

"Who's Who in Visual Art . Vol. 2011-2012: 100 Fine Art Photographers

"I’m really happy to announce that I am in the 2011-2012 issue of “Who’s Who in Visual Art, 100 Fine Art Photographers”. This English/German new edition of WHO’S WHO IN Photography VISUAL ART is an exhilarating guide for the ambitious arts and photo friend.
The editor choosed from the vast jungle of contemporary photographic work a clearly defined fine selection and has brought together artistic photographers, which are characterized by solid technology and special originality.
Ulrich Goette Himmelblau, as editor of the volume, deals for over 20 years with contemporary art and photography. He is founder of the Palm Art Award, a curator and gallery owner in Spain and most recently in Leipzig as a connoisseur of the contemporary art scene.
Available via Amazon and other book stores."

Euros 25


June 14, 2011

Alex B, first feature

Alex B. by David J. Green

Alex B. from London, UK, has recently joined the UdA team of editors. Find her at her official site, her very active blog, deviantART, Purestorm, Model Mayhem, Art Limited and Musecube. Follow her on Twitter @alexb244

"The corkscrew"
Among finalists in Carrie Leigh NUDE 2010 international competition, published in summer/Fall issue


Art Model, self portraitist and a sometime dancer, Alex is a very prolific writer.

Annie Leibowitz, Man Ray, Cecil Beaton, Helmut Newton, Joyce Tenneson , Pascal Renoux and many more are her favourite photographers.
Her deepest wish is to be someone’s muse for a year or so and travel around the world taking pictures in unusual locations.

"Studio Nude"

Her bio :

Alex B. is an Art Model of Italian origin currently based in the UK. She has been a life model for many years, starting when she was twenty years old but her main activity is the study of dance and performance.

After a modelling come back in her forties, as a life model first, Alex has been doing art nude and commercial photographic modelling for some years. She has also explored fashion and editorial.

by Marcello Pozzetti

With a Doctorate in the Arts, Alex has been involved in higher education teaching since the early 1990s. She is currently retraining as a dance/movement psychotherapist and thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Art nude modelling for Alex is a passion and an extension of her dance experience.

by DG
"The Squat"


Wannabe Models : How do you develop staying power?

One of the questions Alex was asked during an interview published on deviantArt was about sharing tips with wannabe models. Alex said the following:
"Ask for feedback on your performance, especially if you are working with a good photographer. Make note of your shortcomings but also review your strengths. Make sure you come across as uniquely different. There will always be thousands of beautiful girls. Just be you, believe in yourself and that will take you far. Be prepared to work hard. And most importantly: if you don’t feel comfortable say no!"
So, back to staying power.

"Black Hat "

As of now, after a hiatus of many years, Alex is back making dance work, rebuilding her creative practice, and continues with art modelling, as well as writing. She is already busy getting features ready for UdA, so keep on visiting.

by Michael Culhane

Male Art Model Mike Cooney
"In love"

Who knows what the future will bring?

June 9, 2011

The 3 books of Pavel Kiselev !

You'll find Pavel Kiselev at his official site, photosight.ru, deviantART, his First Feature, all about him here inside.

A huge BRAVO dear Master ! Your fan, Chris.

"Railway Novel
Железнодорожный роман
"Three trips to different places, in different periods of time. Three absolutely different women, and three tenderly emotional stories. All these were united by an old compartment of railway carriage and my camera."

Softcover US $47.95
Hardcover, Dust Jacket US $63.95
Hardcover, ImageWrap US $66.95


"Ghostly Hong Kong"
Призрачный Гонконг
"My third album photo stories, made in my travels with Nadya. Our trip with Nadya to Hong Kong in the beginning of February 2010 was not very successful from the viewpoint of normal vacations: only 2 of 12 days were sunny. But from the viewpoint of photography this was a real gift. The weather turned the city to something illusive, phantasmal, surreal. Day and night it stayed the same. Immensely bright and deep emotions are still with us. Dreaming of coming back there..."

Softcover US $42.95
Hardcover, Dust Jacket US $56.95
Hardcover, ImageWrap US $59.95


"Weekend in Apokryfo"
A new edition of the book.

Softcover US $47.95
Hardcover, Dust Jacket US $63.95
Hardcover, ImageWrap US $66.95