October 19, 2007

Marquita Norwood joins us

Before a longer interview of Marquita Norwood, from Denver (USA), artist, painter, illustrator and currently photographer (woaw !... why am I just a writer ?... sniff...), I asked her the right to publish her comments about the self-portraits you'll see.

If you remember, ... yes ?, I've already published an article about self-portraiture, written (and featuring) by Rachell Lovitt. The words of Marquita Norwood give us another approach of a difficult but so beautiful artistic way to use a camera.

"Minus Company"

" I create self portraits because I am often the one that keeps myself company. I also not myself well, and become more intimate with who I am as the days go by. That truth pleases me more than you can know.

Some don't understand self portraiture, and in fact find it dull, but that is because they aren't comfortable with who they are. I can say I am comfortable with who I am. And yes, I reveal much in my works, including my body.
Some think I'm brave. I am not. I just find I am very expressive with my form. In fact dancing is my favourite form of expression, which may explain why I feel most expressive with my body.

I believe the body can be discredited. It is actually the countenance that is easier to reveal emotions. Our face gives away all our faults, bluffs, insecurities, with our without our knowing. But the body, the body is more difficult to reveal those same expressions, or even to have your face and body in harmony.

"Take Me With You"

" Sometimes garments complicate the image...making it some showcase of the garment rather than the expression... for me at least. I'm not here to get your validation or participate in some popularity contest. I'm here to showcase my art work.

I would loooove to have models... but they are difficult to find or rely on for that matter, especially when one is not a professional. I hope to model for others soon and photograph others soon, but right now... me, myself and I are the subject at hand."

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Iris Dassault said...

wow. Marquita is an inspiration!