May 9, 2017

Dunescapes by Ashok Viswanathan

My dear Indian friend sent me these magical photographs ( He makes me happy and proud ūüėá Enjoy the trip dear reader !

"Desert Watch"

Dunescapes by Ashok Viswanathan AFIP, AFIAP

"Lone Tree"

I am a landscape and travel photographer based in Mumbai, India and have been into photography for about 40 old years.

Prior to the digital era I used mainly Nikon equipment and shot both Kodachrome and b+w. The processing quality in India during those years left much to be desired from the labs and hence my Kodachrome film was always processed in Germany. The b+w mainly FP4 was done by me in a home darkroom using D76 or Promicrol.

Now with digital I get images that remind me of Kodachrome with rich colours, excellent contrast and ability to make large lovely prints on an inkjet printer. More interesting is the option to change the images to make them more interesting and creative.

Most of the images you see here are done using textures and layers along with blending modes. 


You need to try with different textures and blending modes as it does not always work. When they come together they yield some very creative and unique images. I collect textures where ever I see them. Things like the sky in different times and moods, painted walls, oil stains, rusted metal, water on glass etc. The interesting thing is that when you blend the result often does not look like the origin texture. Once you have decided on the blending mode you may need to go back and adjust your levels, contrast and brightness to get an acceptable image.

The pictures here are made on an old Nikon D100 with a 24~85mm and 80~200 f2.8lens. I have since moved to the small Fuji Xpro1 mirrorless with Fuji glass.

My favourite location is the the Thar desert near Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Best time to get there is winter when the temperature is pleasant and the light pleasing. Being a tourist destination, the locals are used to cameras and will even model for you for a small fee.

"Alone in the desert"

"Desert Dunes"

"Desert Rider"

"Sam Dunes"


"Sunset Sam Dunes"

Thank you Chris for letting me show some of my work on your wonderful site. I am honoured.
I am honoured too. Thank you Ashok ūüėä

If you plan a trip in India, Bombay, Ashok needs you and will receive you with pleasure and respect. Contact him on his facebook or his site.

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