May 24, 2017

The Art of Chelsea Sunrise

New member of Univers d'Artistes

All began by this photography. I shared it and she loved. Then, curious as an art editor must be, I watched all her albums and I sent a  her a lot of 💗 and 👍

Her self portraits, a very difficult exercize (see this label), and her Street Life photographies testify to a great talent for her age. She is promised to a great career.

That said Chelsea Sunrise is also a sweet and lovely friend. When I told her I would love to publish her, she answered :
- Thank you Chris. I am pleased, honored and humbled to be part of your magazine! It means a lot for me 💙💙😄
Of course, you know me, I blushed.

My sweet Chelsea, dear Artist, I'm honored to welcome you in our pages. I'll follow your work to publish you again and again as I do for the great Members of the Collective.


"Party time" 
self portrait

"I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I am a hobbyist photographer and a self taught digital artist.

My work specializes in  black and white photography with digital mixed media art. I also loves to collaborate with different artists and photographers from all around the world and I am always open to new and exciting projects!

I create mood by adding film grains and textures to my B/W photos, especially on my self-portraits, because it makes the image feels more deep, old, dramatic and mysterious.

I am a traveler too, and I’m enjoying capturing great moments from people on the streets and all the things that happen to our everyday life. I also shoot, create and tell stories through my surreal and conceptual work by creating a photomontage or photomanipulation.

I’m not only a photographer. I am also an International Digital Artist and Video editor. My work has been featured in various online sites and magazines in Europe Asia and Usa (Creativ, Glossom, Daily Inspiration and more)."

Korean Traditional Doll




Butterfly Woman

 I am afraid to show my work

See you soon ! 😘

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