May 1, 2017

Warren Brown, "Nature of the Shots"

Warren Brown

His favorite quote : "I can take a good picture, but I can't always take a great picture. When I do, it's like finding a treasure in a rummage sale." Sylvia Plachy, Photographer

"Kindred Spirit"
With Art Model Niansa

"Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect." Chief Seattle, Suquamish Tribal Leader.
Another one from backing up the hard drive, from a shoot a couple of years ago. The lady who is kindred spirit to the trees here is the superb Niansa."

"I'll Be Holding On"
With Art Model Niansa

"I have lived my life my way
For tonight and for today
Just the strongest hearts, they say
Always survive
And I'm fallin' through the years
All these dreams disappear
And the night is full of tears
I'll be holding on."
By Doro

Warren is someone important for me. Since several years, our relationship is always opened, passionate, admirative and full of a kindness I need to survive. I favorite one of his wonderful photograph, he always thanks me. Instead of the contrary. Wow ! I'm looking for a successor, he tells me to keep going on, to fight. Each message from him gives me a reason to work, even if I feel bad.

"Coming Out Of The Dark"

"I looked at this and for some reason had the vision of the model emerging from the dark area of the shot. Is she a princess that's just escaped from the dungeon ? Perhaps a cave dweller resting on the rocks ? Or maybe an evil nymph trying to draw you into the cave?"

Here is a beautiful text he wrote, emotional, an hommage to the beauty of Bec, inspiring Art Model. All the photographers have lived such a moment. Isn't it ?

He gave me the permission to publish it. Thank you Warren. You're a great talented photographer and also a good writer. I didn't know. We are waiting for the shots !

With admiration, Chris.

"Spirit of Place - Serenity"
With Art Model Bec
"We all need a little serenity. First shot from my shoot with the highly professional and superb Bec"

"Into The Mists..."

"Who knows what you might find as you push aside the expectations of others, and take your own journey Into The Mists."

Nature of the Shots

"You know what it's like.

You drive into the mountains in the hope of a photoshoot. You send your all-wheel drive down a rutted, boggy track. You walk, lugging your gear down... and down... and down to get to the base of a waterfall.

And it rains.

"I Am A Rock"
"The title for this piece came from the song by Simon and Garfunkel, I Am A Rock. Sometimes, we all need to take time out and curl up within ourselves for a while. A little bit of isolation can be good for the psyche every now and then."

But then things change. You add a model who is ready to work in all sorts of weather. One who has been in regular contact since the shoot was first arranged. One who has a few ideas of her own, who is easy to talk to, and a consummate professional every step of the way who has a can-do approach to the whole shoot, and actively looks for ways to improve the shoot. And the clouds part.

That was my afternoon today. I had the opportunity to work with the superbly professional Bec who worked hard in rainy conditions and on wet, slippery rocks around the base of a waterfall. And the shots (downloading as I type) are looking very good indeed, and with such a superb model, what else could be expected given the nature of the shots.

So I most humbly doff my cap, and bow to the marvellous Bec. Thank you dear lady ! It was beautane.

Shots up soon. Warren B."

"World of Tension"
With Art Model Berenice Dorei
"Ever feel like every now and then you need to take a few minutes to relax and unwind from what has become a world of tension ?"

"... for peace. In the solitude of the great outdoors."

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