March 9, 2018

The Golden Girl series of Dan Van Winkle

Member since 2008
UdA Art Editor

Some years ago, I interviewed Dan Van Winkle :
Dan, you often shoot outdoors. Is Nature your favorite location ?
I love the outdoors. I find the challenge of shooting nudes outdoors to be particularly fulfilling when I'm able to pull it off.

Indeed, it's a large majority of his beautiful work :

"CK Dunes"


But on his active DeviantArt I found this beautiful Golden Girls series.

I discovered another facet of my talented friend : Dan in a studio, Dan using painting, Dan in a sculptural body work ?... Of course, I asked him immediately the story of the series :

Golden Girls

The original idea came from Andrea Rosu IG @theandrearosu. She came over to my house with and idea for a shoot and we just went with it.

The shots came out amazing and I was hooked.  Since then I have done 4 more of these shoots all with different yet amazing results.

The technique is really simple : take some Mehron Gold Metallic Powder and mix it with some grape seed oil.  Then spread it all over the model and spray with water.  

It is a big mess to clean up however, and you have to make sure to leave some skin exposed so the body can breathe.  We found out the hard way in one of the shoots!



His 5 books :

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