March 13, 2018

Welcome Sue Masterson, Winner of The photo-artistry UdA Awards

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The winning composition
"Zebras on the move"

Having a passion for art and a love of animals, I quickly purchased a camera and set about taking images while travelling around the world. These photographs are varied and extensive from  animals to people, buildings and often the ground, sky and textures. I would then go home and paint many pictures from my photographs.

About 4 years ago, I came across Digital Artistry, this allowed me to combine many of my photographs together as well as using my imagination  to create  original works far beyond my original photograph. 

I have recently started working with models in my studio, "Studio Su". From the days shoot I choose my favourite shots and set about telling a story to capture my viewers attention. I hope you'll enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed creating it.

You know me, it was not enough. Furthermore, I want that each winner expresses himself in more intime words. So, I asked her the same simple questions I asked to Michelle Mondragon :

"Anna's Book"

How did you find your style ?

After many years of painting and travelling to take photos of things to paint when I came home, I found a course that taught me how to combine my photos to create something different and interesting.

My main interests when photographing has always been animals, patterns and textures. However of late I have been interested more with model photography. 

This allows me to create a story from my creations and hopefully give the viewers of my work a place to stop and ponder on the piece before them.

Do you consider yourself more of a painter than a photographer ?

As painting was what sparked my interest in photography, I would say painting was definitely my beginning, however these days I find myself planning more on what and how I am going to take the photograph to carry forward to my art.

What inspires you ?
I am constantly inspired by the texture, colours, wildlife and fauna that nature provides us as well as the desire to create an image that connects with the viewer.

Thank you for this awesome opportunity,

Not awesome dear Sue, you deserve it and you winned the trophy. This article is your promised price. Again bravo for your fantastic creations which touch us.

The way she creates

She sent me spontaneously her way to work a piece ! I thank her for this unexpected idea :
I am also attaching a breakdown of one of my pieces , to give you an idea of what goes into a piece.  I have chosen a piece that only has a few layers, many that are created have up to  80 or 90 different images in them.

The materials

After hours and hours of inspiration, 10%, and hard work, 90%

The photographer

The composer


 "Turtle Tank"


"Art within art"


"Jessie's Review"


"Taming a Lion"

"Tiger Falls"

"Leap of Faith"

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