September 9, 2012

Carrie Leigh's interview

" You can view images on the internet and get a glimpse into what the artist is saying, but to get the full impact of the art it should be viewed in Gallery Print or in a Magazine that prints in high quality." Carrie Leigh

Dear Carrie, we are celebrating the first year of Carrie Leigh NUDE ! I can feel how proud you are... Have you ever imagined the amazing success of the magazine ?

To be honest after I saw the first NUDE printed I loved it but did not know how the world would take it. The first one sold out so fast I was in shock. Then the questions were : what do we follow it with ? Could we recreate the fascinaton of the first issue ? Somehow, someway, with a lot of help we were able to do it.

Publishing is very hard, and I am very proud of NUDE Magazine and all those who work and exhibit in it. I never imagined that NUDE would reach the level of success it has in only a year.

Carrie Leigh

Carrie Leigh

And what is your recipe ?

The recipe is based in my love, passion and determination to create a showcase for art that everyone would love to have on their coffee table.

NUDE Magazine is there to promote the arts and for those in the world of art, music, acting, etc... I think the reason NUDE, besides the great art, has done so well is that everyone knows we would never make anyone look bad, something most magazines can not claim.

Passion, my prefered word ! Carrie, you have interviewed and published many great artists (and among the greatest) from all over the world. Could you tell us some anecdots ?

The privilege to interviewe a celebrated artist is something I hold very dear.
Each one is different.

When I went to interview Leonard Nimoy I had a list of questions but the minute I sat down in his office, with his art work on the walls, he took me on a artistic journey I will never forget.

The Kim Weston interview has led to a lifetime friendship based on trust, honesty and creativity. After the interview we both realized that we shared a passion so deep that we knew we had to work together. Now we have the Wildcat Feature where every few issues of NUDE, Kim and I are going to shoot a exhibit together.

Kim Weston
"Afternoon at Reed's # 3"

Kim Weston
"Nude on oven"

Carrie Leigh

Robert Wuhl and NUDE cover models Sydney Brown and Alicia Marie Clark

With Robert Wuhl, in this issue of NUDE a new creative avenue opened for us. We went to interview him on politics and history but two days before I woke up and thougth wouldn't it be great to shoot him as George Washington with NUDE Cover models. After the interview we asked him if he would be into it and to my great surprise he said yes. This has become the first production shoot for NUDE and Robert Wuhl was so creative and inspirational, I really thank him for doing this for both me and NUDE.

Nick Ash
"Dune nude 11"


When we interviewed Theodore Mann it was to talk about Broadway, he is the longest running human being on Broadway. But then I found out he was also a photographer, much to my surprise, he is very good so we exhibited his art along with the interview.

You never know where the interview takes you.

With NUDE, the interview is just like art-pure creativity and spontanious work. At this point we never go into a interview with preconceived goals. We have an idea of what we want but we let the subject take us there.

Carrie Leigh
"The Wildcat Shoot"

(Shot on the grounds of Edward Weston's Home Land in Northern California)

Carrie Leigh

Have you a favorite picture ?

All the pictures are my favorite ! That is why they are in NUDE.

François Benveniste
"Female Queen"


For the second year, is there something really special you'ld love to give us ?

Each Issue of NUDE takes on its own life, so there is always something special. It just seems to come alive as we start to work on it.

You're also a renowned fine nude art photographer. Every photographer has his own trademark, what is yours ?

People say that I have a style but I just shoot what I am feeling at the moment.

Nick Ash

"Death Valley Nude No. 4"

What are your personal projects ?

As far as my own projects I just keep shooting my art, I have a book planned and I hope to get back to it. And I am always looking for models who inspire me.

I'll tell them ! Carrie, I know how much you're working hard... Do you plan some deserved vacations ?

I wish I had time for a vacation. Maybe soon I am trying to talk my husband into going to Europe, I would love to shoot there.

I'm waiting for you. Any message you’d like to leave to our readers ?

I would also love to add that the first NUDE photography contest was great and to see all the new talent out there was really a thrill.

Also, many ongoing contributing photographers are shooting specific exhibits for NUDE and to me that is the greatest aknowledgement of success that NUDE Magazine could ever achieve.

And I want to thank you, Chris. You are a creative person and it is important to the long term success of NUDE to have you along side us. You promote the arts and that is important to the world.

Thank you Carrie !... It's my passion and my only pleasure.
Thanks for your deep commitment


Wolf189 Photography said...

Nice interview.



Anonymous said...

And I can not tell you how honored I feel to be included in this very special issue!

Dan West

Chris St James said...

Thanks Wolf ! I'm touched...
Bravo Dan !!!

Anonymous said...

Great interview, short and to the point. I do not know Carrie Leigh but I love her artistic photography and her magazine. I have collected each issue and they are all beautiful. It is nice to read, in her own words, her artistic vision
and how she brought it to life. It really is very rare that someone actually acts on their passion and invites other artist to share in it. Happy first anniversary to both Carrie Leigh and Nude Magazine and may you have many more.