August 3, 2015

Kiran Patil : The New Candid Nude, part 1

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The New "Candid Nude" by Kiran Patil :

The goal of the new candid nude is to explore the person's Essence, the intangible quality that makes a person who they are. The emotional mask is the last layer to peel away before the viewer is able to see the truth of a person's existence. Whether the photo is a success or not, we should applaud everyone who steps in front of my camera. Once the emotional mask is removed, there is a vulnerability that is exposed.

The new candid nude is not a venture that should be taken lightly by a photographer. Every word and every action taken should be considered carefully.







mireille said...

grrreat photos! j'aime le candor et playfulness ( :

Christian Pélier (Chris St James) said...

I'm sure he'll love your beautiful opinion.

Kiran Patil said...

thank you ever so much for the comment, mireille!

and thank you Chris for posting this. much love to you.