October 18, 2016

A.J. Kahn for the first time

A.J. Kahn

Art Model Iris Dassault

" Iris is an accomplished model that has such passion for creating diverse and wonderful images. She is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I truly look forward to working with her again." A.J. Kahn (extract from Duclerck)

Some days ago, I received this kind message from Iris Dassault :

" I was wondering if you could check out A.J. Kahn's work as well... He does some really beautiful work, and is one of the nicest people you'll meet."

I checked... And of course, Iris (a Muse for so many talented photographers) is right ! The work of A.J. Kahn is absolutely wonderful. And his answer to my request for an interview was as kind she told me.

Art Model Iris Dassault

After 90 interviews of marvellous artists, all passionate, fascinating, so convinced and devoted to their art (because we are talking here about Art), sometimes I feel difficult to find new words to tell you how much I love the artist I introduce.

You know that I don't really mind about techniques, as you don't mind about my writing techniques. Of course, it's essential (composition, frame, lights, exposure, tones, poses, contrasts, textures, angles of shots, and so on...) but I just want to follow the palpitations of my heart when I'm choosing the pictures to illustrate my articles. I'm looking for the depth of the artist's inspiration, his way to give reality to his dreams, to manage his models, or to be managed by (I never forget the models that I called their muses), his involvement, all these components which makes the difference between a photographer and an artist. ... So A.J. Kahn is an Artist, and I want to thank Iris for giving me the best way to contact him.

Art Model Lela Rae

"A real artist's muse, Lela Rae inspires with her amazing beauty and talent for creating striking images." A.J. Kahn (extract from Duclerck)

About A.J. Kahn

" I am essentially a Fine Art Nude photographer, located in Ann Arbor Michigan.
My primary focus is exploring the beauty of the human form through photography and post processing techniques.
I am actively involved in gallery shows throughout the Detroit Metropolitan area, and have been recognized with several awards and honors."

Art Model Lela Rae

Artist’s Statement

" During my years of photographing the nude, I have explored many approaches to this diverse subject. For purposes of this online portfolio, I have created a collection of images that I feel, celebrates the profound beauty of the human form. I acknowledge that subjective tastes make it impossible to define universal beauty. My efforts therefore, are simply to present those images that have strongly impacted me.

"Starfield 2"
Art Model (and photographer !) Miss Anya

"This graceful model, originally from Russia, brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to any project. I've admired her work for some time, but never thought I would have a chance to work with her. When she relocated to the mid-west, I couldn't pass up the opportunity." A.J. Kahn
(extract from Duclerck)

Art Model Miss Anya

" Included in the collection are some images that depict the body as an abstract landscape. Devoid of human qualities, light and shadow are used to emphasize the basic elements of texture and form. Other images are more cerebral representations that recognize the subject as a person.

Several works that demonstrate a sense of power, self-assuredness and harmony are juxtaposed with others that show tension, passivity and insecurity. In all, the essence of human emotion is explored.
From simple appreciation of pure esthetic beauty to unveiling layers of an individual’s soul, few subjects in photography offer such diversity as the nude.

It has been an enlightening journey for me in these artistic efforts. My hope is that the viewer will have a similar appreciation for the beauty of this powerful subject."

Art Model Mandy

" From our Silver Series, Mandy is the perfect combination of strength and grace. Her modeling talents are in high demand, and I feel so fortunate to have worked with her." A.J. Kahn (extract from Duclerck)

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