October 29, 2016

Preview: Art Model, Franki Dame

I guess I have developed a knack for working with non-traditional models who have their own standards when it comes to size, age, shape, or whatever. These are the women who defy conventions and societal norms to blaze their own trails. I had the opportunity to work with this lovely model, known for her cosplay over the summer who shows you don't have to be a size-two to be an art model and I absolutely loved it.

I can't wait to shoot her again. In the short time we had to shoot, I feel like I still have unexplored ideas, concepts, and imaginations that I need to bring to fruition. I encourage more photogs to venture out and find some of these gems that otherwise don't make it out to the masses. I'd personally like to see more variety in our art model pool. Belly rolls... so what? Challenge your mind's eye a little and let more models challenge themselves. Win/Win. Interview with art model, Franki Dame, coming soon.

Art Model, Franki Dame © 2016 Terrell Neasley

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christian pélier said...

A tribute to all the women, I love my dear Terrell