November 21, 2007

Marco Barsanti, first feature

" Today, the most beautiful sensation that comes to me from being a photographer, is the continual experience of discovery, almost a gift somewhat as an indescribable journey within the essence of what I was photographing and the beauty of my surroundings." Marco Barsanti

"Portrait of Elisa"
Calafuria coast, Tuscany

Marco Barsanti makes an outstanding work ! Mainly in black and white, and sepia, mostly outdoors with natural light, his pictures turn me upside down !

You know how much I love woman in nature... So you can easily understand how much I'm impressed and admirative when I contemplated his work for the first time.

I'm already impatient to know everything about such a talented artist that I'm honoured to welcome in these pages.

near Pontito, Tuscany

"Nude 13"
Nude in Casentinesi Forests

Selva di Chiara, Tuscany

I started to dedicate myself to photography at the beginning of the 80’s as an autodidactic. Then, experiences in the United States helped me to achieve a deeper understanding of photography and to improve the knowledge that I had at that time.

In 1994, a seminar with photographers like John Sexton and Morley Bear stimulated me to explore the contents of photographic language from a wider point of view.

Torrente Lima, Tuscany

The landscapes of Tuscany, the place where I was born, has slowly become the main subject of my pictures.

Looking through its nature I discovered the beauty that lies behind small things. Therefore I tried to show in my pictures that a single subject like a rock or a tree can have different types of interpretation.

Now I feel something special when I portray the harmony of human form inside the landscapes ; female body as an expression of beauty and sensuality, evocates my feelings for belonging and fusion with nature. The nude becomes the primary dress, a symbol of our indissoluble bonds with land and its elements.

near Colognora, Tuscany

Today I dedicate myself to the teaching of the techniques and Historical aspects of photography.
In past years and currently, I collaborate with the Italian magazine “Gente di Fotografia”.

"Nude on a block of marble"
near Arni, Tuscany

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Bravissimo, Marco!!!