November 1, 2007

Nick Owen, photographer and poet

Nick Owen and at deviantART.

"Trees have eyes"
Art Model Karin

Nick Owen is a renowned poet from UK. He's also a playwright, a gifted professional photographer (a poem-picture artist as he called himself), an inspiring teacher of creative writing and a life coach.

Nick Owen is a great nature lover, full of joy and happiness, as you'll see in his lively portfolios made of wonderful outdoor photographies lighting up the female body in close communion with the real nature.

I'll just end by telling you that I'm proud and happy to welcome here inside such a nice artist.

"Ma Jess tic"

Nick was born in Bromsgrove in 1950. His father, a local politician, brought new life to medaieval festivals and rituals in the town, so that Nick grew up with a strong sense of myth and story.

His poetic talents first appeared printed in the Malvernian journal while he was at school. At Keele University he graduated in Psychology and Philosophy and directed plays, going on to qualify as a drama teacher in 1974.

Nick taught in London schools from 1974-1976, while studying drama therapy and counselling.
After a period of social work with the Community Drug Project in Camberwell he went into private practice as a counsellor.

He began to lead fairy tale focussed personal development workshops at Playspace, Westminster Pastoral Foundation and Middlesex Polytechnic at this time. He became one of the first graduates of the Institute of Pastoral Education and Counselling in 1980. There he became a Board Member and National Training Committee Member, introducing Art and Drama work into the curriculum.

"Dark Triangle"

"Water feature"

"Peacock with nymph"

Nick worked in London Social Services as groupwork development and training officer for children and mental health services from 1980 to 1986. From 1986-7 he was an AIDS/HIV co-ordinator in the NHS.

In 1990 he founded the Oxford School of Psychotherapy and Counselling with Mary Duhig. The study of fairy tales became a core part of the curriculum for students, many of whom went on to take part in the "Self and Others research project" exploring fairy tales in personal history and peer relationships.

From 1998 Nick has worked intensively with people's birth and prebirth stories, setting up the Oxford Prenatal and Perinatal Education Research and Awareness trust.

Nick's work has always been focussed on the drama of family life. He has worked in some of the most intense and demanding fields of social work, education and therapy. He now spends most of his time in personal development work, social research, and writing plays and poetry, and developing the Art of "Poetry and Pictures" in the Uk and Internationally.

"Swish of hare"

"A midsummer night's dream"

About the poem-picture artist :

Nick Owen has published one volume of poetry, "Telling It Like It Is", and has many poems published in journals, anthologies and on the web. His poem "Cinderella" reached number one in the pop charts on where you can hear him read his work, and also download and purchase copies.

Nick is also an inspiring teacher of creative writing. He set up the Creative Arts Programme at Westminster Pastoral Foundation, and taught development workshops using creative arts for many years at the Oxford Centre for Human Relations.

Nick performs his poetry at venues in Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire and Buckinghamshire. He has a series "Poetry and Pictures" power point presentations, which are shown and performed in Libraries, Schools, Museums, Theatres and Universities."


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