December 12, 2007

Iris Dassault : A softer side of me

Iris Dassault by Tom Ma
"Her chair"

" One of the things that always amazes me about my images is how different my body can look from image to image. Depending on the pose, the lighting, and yes, the time of the month, my body can look strong and toned, or soft and curvy.

Mind you, my weight has not fluctuated much more than a few pounds since I started modeling, my body seems to be content with its current status. I believe everybody has a set point weight, and you have to either completely starve yourself or pig out to get away from that balance.

I used to really cringe at the soft images, beat myself up for not being skinny/toned enough. I liked to see the ribs, I liked to see the muscles move underneath my skin when I moved, I liked to see the line that runs across my abs when I stretched and flexed.

Everybody likes to be toned and strong, and so many consider curves to be a bad thing. Curves equal "fat chick", right ?

Then I have to remind myself that I should just be happy to be me, and to be able to express myself in many ways, including by presenting my softer side. Someone close to me reminded me yesterday that this softer female side works for me because it represents who I really am, inside and outside. To me, softness translates in more than just body shape. There's softness in skin and hair, and even though those are rarely obvious in images, they are actually my proudest physical possession. Maybe it's because I refuse to shave my legs/arm or use hair spray, maybe it's because it just fits me that way. And even though I can be tough if I need to be, in person, or through posing, I will always value a softer approach to life and being. I no longer mind showing my softer side.

It's been a long ride to get to this point, and I've conquered many insecurities. I know that I will always have the occasional day that I cringe at what my body looks like, wish I could be just as skinny as the pretty young things out there, but I know, deep down, that it's really all OK just the way it is.

So here is a softer side of me..."

by Glen Watley

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