December 29, 2007

Red Mahan, underwater shoots

" Chris, many thanks for the "push" to get my work out there. I have come to realize that the reason that I am doing this work is to show, to visually show the world that this is possible.That it is actually not a dream, not a fantasy, but really possible to be with these amazing creatures in a way that is not about exploitation, domination or termination. They want to be with us, if we will be nice.

Hence, the nudes. There is no armor, no weapons, no separation, there is innocence, vulnerability, an true opportunity to "be" with their "being". I suspect that that is an underlying factor in why we all like to look at, admire, appreciate and enjoy "nudes". We are human beings after all.

Thanks so much for getting some of that work up and accepting and appreciating my message within the work.

Aloha. " Red Mahan

"Emily Whale Dolphin. F"

"Emily Dolphin 2"

"Dolphin dream"

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