December 10, 2007

Welcome Philip Janin

" I always try to invent a modern mythology in which I hope to find you." Philip Janin

"Joconde IV"

Philip Janin is French and lives in the south, so not too far from my place. Maybe a future opportunity to interview him on site ?

Anyway, here is a true artist as I like them, inspired, authentic, an "imaginary illustrator" as he calls himself who creates his own fantastic (and heroic) universe with a great success and so much poetry.

"Rupture 02"

"Rupture 03"

I was born in south of France in the end of the 1960's. In the beginning I was attracted to drawing by a real passion for comic strips. Then during my adolescence I turned towards photography.

Fashion and publicity photographer, I very quickly focused my energy on my own creations.

In the beginning I believed black and white was the most suitable technique for me, but very quickly the aspect 'intimate' of photos was no longer satisfying.

I started to work on the chemical processes and then the photos themselves. I discovered airography, which enabled me to return to my love of science fiction due to the aspect of fantasy it adds to my images.

The next step was into the digital world thanks to my introduction to Photoshop, which opened the doors to an unlimited creativity. I could mix the universe of Heroic-Fantasy with that of Philip K. Dick. The photographed woman was no longer virtual, she became mutant, integrating into her flesh the futurist nanotechnologies, improbable yet living.

I always try to invent a modern mythology in which I hope to find you.

"Modification 08"

For the technical amateurs, I use a Hasselblad and Kodak TMax 100 for my in studio shots. I then scan the 6X6 negatives on a Umax Powerlook III, and finally rework these images in Photoshop."

Philip Janin has been exhibited at :

France : St Tropez (Vip room), Marseille (Musée d'art contemporain), Paris (Webbar, Electron libre, Pop Corner, Catabar), Cannes (Palais des Festivals, Toulon (Le Bosphore), Avignon (Body art)
England : London (Smokee Mirrors)
Belgium : Bruxelles (Arkel body art), Dinant (L'eau a la bouche)
Usa : NY (Pod Gallery)

"Chair et Metal 18"

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